Sheago Liquid Card 

powered by IDSUITE Technology

We have enlisted an intuitive system that will absolutely double your business if you are dedicated to its utility.


Our technology replaces the utility of the traditional business card by implementing a virtual business card you place on your phone.  Send your Sheago Virtual Card via text, email, broadcast text, and more!  


Key Benefits...

  • Cutting Edge Follow-Up Technology

  • Integrated Calendar Management

  • Automatic Lead Capture


Sheago Support Line (530) 683-2667

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Virtual Card Plans


Sheago Business

Virtual Business Card, Contact Capture, Follow Up Assistant, Call To Action 


Sheago Business Pro

Includes Sheago Business + Your Own Text-Word.. Ex: Text "yourname" to 31996

Payment Options

Yearly | Monthly


(Requires $29 Setup Fee)

Sheago Business $5.99($100.88/yr) 

Sheago Business Pro $11.98($173/yr)



Sheago Business $89

Sheago Business Pro $139 



Your Plan!

Get your very own TextWord / ShortCode...

Push your app to hundreds of people fast!