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 Debbie Evans

Meet With Me

About Debbie...

I love meeting new people and have a PASSION for live Jazz! I am a diversified business professional on a personal journey to an improved spiritual, physical and mental way of life. As a wife, mother, grandmother,sister, aunt and friend, I am purposed to help others seeking a better life for themselves and their families.


I am proud to be a Founding Member & Better Life Consultant with Sheago Cosmetics, among other business ventures. Let's connect soon!

As outlined in our corporate pledge, the Sheago difference is Consciousness. Never using petroleum, mineral oil, parabens or artificial coloring, Sheago products support & promote self-development & actualization, leading to a Better Life.

Join the Movement.


Connect with Debbie by scheduling a call. Experience the Sheago Product, Shop Sheago Products.  Join the Movement, take action by personally offering Sheago Cosmetics to those you care for.

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