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Dr. Naeema Olatunji

Meet With Me

About Dr. Naeema...

Dr. Naeema is a practicing Chiropractor at Elevate Family Chiropractic serving the greater Roswell area... She specializes in corrective neurological chiropractic care for the entire family. She has advanced certifications in pediatric and prenatal care and is Webster technique certified.


Elevate Chiropractic focuses on getting to the root cause of your health concerns by removing the misalignments, allowing your body to heal and recover over time. Dr. Naeema believes the body is a self healing mechanism, designed to be healthy. Her commitment is to help raise the healthiest, drug-free community... starting with education.

Connect with Dr. Naeema by choosing an option below.. Stay tuned with Elevate Chiropractic's grand opening and cutting edge wellness options.

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