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HUB Pays It Forward


The HUB Pays It Forward membership program has been suspended indefinitely. This decision has been made due to the lack of new enrollment activity.  Furthermore, it has been decided that the HUB Pays It Forward membership fee will be refunded to all new enrollees over a 6 month period on a first come, first serve basis. 

Please Note: that the strict HUB Pays It Forward membership Terms & Conditions clearly state that there are no refunds, but due to the world climate and conditions of the pandemic and other unforeseen circumstances - the decision to refund comes in the capacity of humility and integrity.  In the same light, we ask for your patience as we implement the refund process.  We will contact you directly (first come, first serve) via email to confirm your membership details to remit payment when this process starts.



1) Enrollee agrees to contribute to the HUB Pays It Forward reciprocation cycle, freely, and understands that this is NOT for personal gain and that all funds given will not be returned in any capacity. Enrollee also understands that they may receive an unexpected reciprocation of the same, from time to time.


2) All HUB Pays It Forward funds will be distributed via digital payment portals, such as; Cryptocurrency, PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, or Quick Pay. HUB Pay It Forward reserves the right to payout in either of the payment portals. Funds will be distributed to the center position at the completion of each chart.

3) Enrollee agrees to the process of 'Enroll and Invite Family & Friends' to stimulate the movement of the HUB Pays It Forward reciprocation cycle. All invites should be done so via direct contact with family and friends who understand and believe the "Pay It Forward" mantra.

4) Enrollee understands that the HUB Pays It Forward reciprocation cycle timing is predicated on the activity of each participants commitment.

5) Enrollee understands that they may purchase an additional placement within the reciprocation cycle for the purpose of stimulating the HUB Pays It Forward cycle movement.

6) HUB Pays It Forward reserves the right to strategically place new enrollees for the purpose of expediting the cycle movement.

7) All enrollees know and understand fully that funds will not be returned in any capacity.  All funds have been paid without recourse or expected return.

8) This is a zero-tolerance zone for negativity.  You must remain positive when speaking with members, new enrollees, and potential invitees. Anything else is grounds for removal and forfeiture of your enrollment fee(s), NO EXCEPTIONS.

Terms & Conditions
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