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Pays It Forward


*Official Member Testimonials*


TJ / Silver Member

"Hubpif has helped us pay bills and put food on our table." - TJ Offner

TJ Offner Zelle.jpeg

Yari / Silver Member

"This is and will be helping me paying for medical procedures I have been needing to put off for a few years now. I am forever grateful for this program." - Yaritza Reyes


Josh / Silver Member

"This is something that I feel once more members join will be amazing for everyone involved. I believe in it so much I got my parents to become members and talk about it to everyone I come across that I feel could benefit from this membership" - Joshua Reyes


Sue / Silver Member

"HUBPIF has been the greatest benefit for my friends and family. It has become a movement, people are realizing that together we are a powerful force. The funds I received came at the right time. With the reciprocated funds, I was able to help a family member pay the IRS and fix the plumbing of my home. Thank you HUBPIF!!" - Sue Alonso

Sue 2 Testimonial Pic.png

Jolie Batista / Silver Member

"HUBPIF has helped my family pay some bills during a time of uncertainty and I can now have a nice savings plan for my future. For that I am forever grateful!!"

- Aisbeth Jolie Batista

Jolie B Test Pay.jpeg

Jajie / Bronze Member

"HUB has made it possible for me to pay off existing credit accounts and Pay it Forward by sponsoring single parents and people who need finances to pay for medical treatments, pay off debt, pay rent and even to get them off the street so that THEY in turn can bless someone else!" - Migdalia Alonso

Jajie Zelle.jpeg

Alphonso / Silver Member

"It has allowed me to breath in this time as it allowed me to gain extra income and get caught up. There is a lot out there that does not produce but this is not it!!!" - Alphonso Jones

A Jones Zelle.jpeg

Stephen / Silver Member

"This program and membership has been a lifesaver, not only for me, but my family as well. Due to COVID, many of us have been hard pressed to make ends meet, but HUBPIF has been able to help us tremendously. With our cash out relief, we were able to pay down our mortgage principle, help others with much needed groceries and medical expenses, and debt pay down, just to mention a few. The opportunities that have opened up to us are huge. The fact that we can show proof of income for ourselves individually, as well as for our business, opens up doors to further benefits.." - Stephen Alonso

Sue Testimonial Pic.png

TRH / Bronze Member

"The HUBpif program allowed me to first and foremost sponsor a family member. In addition, it provided additional income to my retail business. During Covid-19 we were shut down for 2 1/2 months and therefore experienced a significant loss of revenue. The payout helped towards the deficit. Thanks Hubpif!" 

- The Reinspired Home LLC

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