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Juli Mathew

My name is Juli Mathew.  I was born in a Christian family in Kerala, India. Our ancestors became Christian when the Disciple of Christ, St. Thomas was shipwrecked on the coast of India in AD 52.  My parents legally immigrated  to the US in the 80’s due to a shortage of nurses. We first stayed with my aunt in Chicago before moving to Philadelphia and living with my uncle for a few months.

As a young child, I always heard of America as the land of milk and honey. Initially we had nothing. I remember sleeping on a badly stained mattress that the previous tenant left in our one bedroom that my parents rented. We weren’t eligible for any funding or government assistance since we had to be sponsored by family members to be here. Although my dad was a pharmacist in India, he worked at a factory earning minimum wage and my mom as a nurses aid until she passed the nursing exam here. Life wasn’t easy but we knew this country can give us the brighter future that we envisioned.  

I finished my Elementary, Middle School and High School in Philadelphia. I went on to Penn State, University Park to do my undergraduate studies in Criminal Justice and Sociology. I then moved back to a local Penn State Campus closer to home. I became the Student Government President and was an active member of campus life. After graduation, I went on to Widener Law School in Delaware to do my Juris Doctorate and was part of the Environmental Law Clinic. I moved to Texas shortly afterwards and made a home here.  Quite possibly moving to Texas was more of a shocker than my family moving from India to the US. I couldn’t understand all this Texas pride and everything is bigger and better in Texas attitude but being here, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I absolutely love this place and I call it home.  The people are kind and generous.

I have lived in Fort Bend County since 2002. When I started practicing in Fort Bend, I noticed that most of the Judges were male. Not only that, it felt that you must have already have had a family member on the bench or someone higher up in the County, that there must be some sort of legacy for you to advance in County government.  

I grew up believing that America is the land of opportunity that anything is possible here.  Fort Bend County is 60 percent minority but our courts or justice system does not reflect the cornucopia of races that reside in this County. There must be change to reflect what the County represents. During the last election cycle, the first time in my adult life, I questioned whether I belong in this country, the country that I love, the country I call home, the country that I will defend and promised to uphold it’s constitution and laws, whether my skin color alone will determine whether I am an American or how other Americans see me.  

There has to be others who feel the same way and I felt that it is time for a change in this County and its leadership. It has to start locally. Mahatma Gandhi has said that “we must be the change that we want to see in this world”. Our local government must reflect the people that make up this community which we call home. Therefore, I decided to run as Judge for County Court at Law Number 3. I admire the current Judge who is retiring. She was the only female Judge in County Court since I have been practicing. My primary area of practice has been as a Creditor Rights attorney. Prior to that I have handled mass tort cases. I also have some experience in oil and gas, e-discovery, family law, landlord tenant issues and criminal law. Most of the current Judges have only done criminal law and I believe it is time for a civil litigator to take the court. I believe in justice and equality for all and treating others as I would want to be treated. All things are possible with Christ and I submit myself and this race into my Almighty’s hands. I hope that each of you will support me in this endeavor and that your prayers will be with me for wisdom and guidance.

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