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...of merchant accounts are set up

incorrectly, costing you thousands!!

The Reason...

A vast majority of merchant accounts have been sold as "One Size Fits All" and based only on price while ignoring the true need of the client.  The advertised rate is the starting rate (ie. 1.49%*), but your rate is truly determined by the actual card processed.  


This rate is called interchange. It could be more or less, depending on the type credit/debit card processed.  This doesn't include other fees and penalties that weren't clearly explained during the merchant account set up.


This is NON "CENTS"!!!



The Resolve...

Our Group Pricing Plan provides industry specific pricing offering your business enormous SAVINGS!


We will set up your merchant account intuitively based on how you do business and simply... how your clients pay you for your services. 


We also implement a pricing option for all clients to eliminate the potential of excessive price increases and Downgrade penalties found in our competitors merchant contracts.  


The Result...  

We provide awesome savings that can be used to grow your business by investing in...

  • SEO, Digital Media & Marketing

  • Upgrading your current location

  • Expansion of your brand

  • Taking a much needed vacation

  • Most importantly...  Your own retirement!!



If this makes sense and you'd like to get your account set up correctly,

call us now at (888) 673-7560 or click the button below...

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